Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bermalam Di My Nurul Campsite

Hi. So I've been blogging late these day. (whut??) Hahaha. So hye guys. So today I wanna share to you guys about my first ever camping experience. YES! First time in forever. 

As you all know, we opened My Nurul Homestay back in 16 Sept ago and our Sulap Paluh 1.0 is officially open for people to check in. Now in our place, we also provide camping site. Haha kemain english tapi tajuk Malay. Satgi kena kecam.

Berbalik ke cerita asal, ini merupakan pengalaman pertama untuk Miraa stay di dalam khemah. I mean bermalam. Sebelum ni tak penah langsung tidur dalam khemah. Dulu masa sekolah rendah ada camping tapi disebabkan cuaca yg tidak mengizinkan, weolls ended up tidur dalam kelas atas arahan para cikgu weolls.

Uolls ada dua option. First sewa tapak khemah sahaja which only cost you RM15 and second, sewa tapak khemah dan khemahnya sekali at only RM30. Buat masa ini kami hanya ada dua buah khemah. So kalau uolls nak ber-camping ramai-ramai sila lah bawa khemah sendiri. (alaaa macam tatau) ahaha

Pagi yg cerah, kini sudah gelap. Dan begitu juga dengan cuaca yg tiba-tiba hujan. Hahaha. Tapi kejap je lah. Masa tu hujan. So basically weolls dapat merasa aircond natural yg tiada button turn off. Lol. Yet it was fun lah. Dah lah takdakk nyamuk. Sejuk pulak tu. Hahaha but I recommend you to bring your sleeping bag lah sebab kitorang tidak menyediakan sleeping bag rental buat masa ini.

Okay lah takde benda pun nak share "experience" ni konon. Hahaha. Aight. Ttfn.

For more details about My Nurul Homestay boleh lah singgah kat Facebook kami :)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Late Night Entry: Idk

Have you ever just think that you didn't belong or fit in where you already in/at? Suddenly a wild thoughts of mine appear in a flash. 

Really don't know if its real or not. Cause all I know it is near. Not sure to argue or to what or what what. Cause I don't even know what it is.

I've learnt something and so much for the past few years of getting outside of your comfort zone and tries new things that you could never think of before. 

The more I think of it, the more pressure I get. Thus, I can't do anything right anymore. It all collapse like it's in a time-lapse mode.

I don't even know myself anymore.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Homestay Coming Soon!

Hey everyone.
So for the past few months, our family is definitely into a new type of business.
Currently my aunt's homestay is already operating.
You can check it out from my entry before.

This 16th September 2017...
My mom's homestay will be open.
We'll stay there a day before to experience ourselves.
Will let you know the how(s) in my next update.

So yeah. That's all what I wanted you guys to know for know.
But you can always check on us on our Facebook page or Instagram.
Cause we update there very often. (More like everyday I can say haha)

Facebook: My Nurul HomestayInstagram: @MyNurulHomestay

Didn't blog too much for few years.
I know. Cause I really don't know what to write.

Oh. If you notice, I've change my blog layout.
Hehe. Feeling old yet? Lol.
Okay bye guys. See you soon.