Monday, 5 September 2011

✿ PINK?! ✿

I’ll wear pink t-shirt . pink flowery blouse . pink trousers .
Pink head scarf . From head to toe I’ll be in pink .
Be in pink to be girly daughter for my mommy :3
When I’m out , I’ll be bringing my pink converse sling bag .
I’ll wear pink blouse and pink slippers so my mommy sees that 
I’m her only baby girl :D
When I’m in school , I’ll bring my pink pencil case , 
I’ll use my pink folder file , 
I’ll use my pink stuff to show you that I can be a pinkaholic too bahaha !
I’ll use my pink hand lotion and pink bottle of perfume so I smells like a girly :D
I’ll bring my pink hand sanitizer too
I’ll listen to Pink’s songs to complete my pinkness

I’ll bake pink cookies and pink cup cakes also pink cake
I’ll drink pink drinks like roses and berries
To make my inner to be in pinks too
Domo & cj7 will be in pink

With their friend who are the Pink Panther
I’ll make my enchanted rooms to be filled with pink stuffs
Just for my lovely mommy who I truly love : )
Pink pink pink its all in pink . pink doesn’t means I’m a pigaholic bahaha !
To my mommy , miraa akan jadi girly.girly slagi miraa tadak adk pempuan :3
I love you mommy : )

[ Notes ]
Sorie morie my bi was too too too bad :D
Al maklum laa . budaa baru belajar laa katakan :p



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