Monday, 17 October 2011

First time .. .

This is a nightmare for me. I've never had this feeling. I was mistaken and confused thinking about what my fault. you make me feel as if nothing. You deceived me right? hehe. never mind lah. Other times you'll hit back, too. I thought you're not the same like other boys. but , entah laa !

You're mad about last year i hit you right ? I was joking our other features. but maybe someone else will not hit at you. another person with you will berlembut !!. sorry i was malignant. it was me.

Difficult for me to forgive you. I am hurt. I do not know any better if I forgive you. I will always heed what has happened and I will never forget about it . I was like controlled by my hateness towards you and ...... but hey I love you . what can I do ? I know we are apart.  but please :'( don't do that thing ! I just hate it ! T.T
I love you more than I said I love you to you
Pardon me if I made you mad at me . I am a human being and a feeling of jealousy there can not be controlled . I'm such a jerkk . wee .
P/s: Sorry , my english was bad .


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