Wednesday, 26 October 2011

No Electricity!
Its Deepavali and guess what ? The electricity went nuts -.- so its a very damn hot day LOL ! I thinked thats all the problem . When I turned my lappys' on , GOSH ! There's no battery ! I forgot to charge it last night . GRR . When lappys out , I try to reached my phone and guess what ? NO CREDIT ! This is the most boring day of my life -.-

I'm running around like dogs who chase its own tail haha . Then I saw my lil' brothers lappy on the table . So I turned it on and we watch SMURF for the third time bahaaha . Thats all we can do at that time -.- Here's some snap shoot of Smurf haha
 Here's Papa and Clumsy haha
 Here's Clumsy at the beginning of the story
 Damn , I just love this talking cat HAHA

Alright , I guess thats all what I wanna blabb about . hihi ! Tomorrow got ICT paper . wohoo then the exam will ends yay \o/ ! Free at last ! haha . But even know my paper's finished , SPM is so near :') so still , I'm not going to text my man like usual hihi! Tak ape , unto mase depan . I sanggup tunggu you sayang . baahaha getting jiwang ! Assalamualaikum 


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