Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Don't you get it ?


Don't you know what I feels each and every time I made CMB ? I wished for you to make it true . Its humiliating me for making all the CMB but nothing seems to be right . I swear I won't cry but I can't cause I'm too stupid to make promises that I couldn't fulfill . What are you so proud of ? Oh damn , I'm making my self like a fool . Oh well , I am a dummy for a person like you and I'm not more than a toys .

To be honest , I missed you so much . Others feels like hell when they didn't meet each other for a week or by day . How about us ? Its been a year now . Don't you think that you should know what I feel ? Why can't you do it even if its only for a second ? I know that I'm not perfect and so do everybody . Tears falls while this nonsense post is created .

You're the one that should be hurt for what you've done and how could you think that I'll forget about it ? This heartache ain't gonna heal . I'm sorry to say . But there'll be no more hang-ups for us starting this date . 20122011 . I'm tired of waiting and mad with all of the canceled :'( Don't you get it ? I miss you and I can't take it . Im sorry . 

P/s : Saya sayangkan awak . Saya tahu awak akan gembira kalau saya tak ganggu kehidupan awak . Awak jangan nak brani brani call sy lepas awak read ni . Assalamualaikum .


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