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Press Ctrl+C to copy the codes and press Ctrl+F to search the main keyword. Do ask me if you don't understad the tutorials that I gave. Thank you once again for using my tutorials. Happy blogging!

Video tutorials
 4 in 1 tuto : Kemaskan kawasan header
 Cara buat blog *versi lama
 Tukar header guna URL
 Cara pakai shawl ala-ala Hana Tajima

Tutorials for newbees
 How to copy image URL
 Transparentkan lakang header
 Remove Subscribe to Post (Atom)
 Remove Attribution
 Online user
 Remove navigation bar
 Change the number of posts in the main blog
 How to tag people in post
 Cute-tomize your header

Shoutbox tutorials
 Floating Shoutbox
 Private shoutbox I (Pay)
 New shoutbox
 Spy shout
 Private shoutbox II (Free)

Facebook tutorials
 Like button at every entry
 Fan page

Classic Template
 Change to Classic Template with freebies
 Facebook like button for entry
 Image border II
 Post Background
 Comment coding
 Follower gadget

Decorate your blogs !
 Disable Page Source
 Search box
 Double underline
 Disable right click with msg
 Disable right click without msg
 Your own Copyright ©
 Post's background
 Rainbow Link
 Change Home , New post & Older post to picture
 Energy Saving Mode
 Links Opened In New Tab
 Remove auto-new tab
 Cute scroll bar
 New underline I
 New underline II
 Center-mized Your Header
 Change the "comment" word
 Recent post (Animated)
 Recent post (Thumbnail)
 Your Status Box
 Alert msg when entering your blog
 Back to top button I
 Note at end of every post
 Welcome note (Click to continue)
 Floating social button
 Popular post
 Cute icon beside post tittle
 Close button
 Round Image Hover
 Word following your cursor
 Hidden text/widget
 Making Box
 Making Box ( With background )
 Scrolling Images (Up, Down, Left & Right)
 Scrolling Text (Up, Down, Left & Right)
 Post and Sidebar Title Background
 Tittle Bar Maker ( Animated )
 Drop down menu
 Link picture changes becomes clear when the cursor touches
 Falling petals
 Cute comment box
 Change highlight color
 Lighter blog
 Image border I
 Change comment form
 Disable comment word verification

Software tutorials
 Download Meitu Xiuxiu
 Transparent header using Meitu
 Edit ala-ala industan guna Meitu
 Cara uninstall Meitu
 Transparent header using Adobe Photoshop
 Photo border using MS PowerPoint

Other tutorials
 MP3 Player mcm miraa
 Hide Music Dumper Player
 Weigh your blogs loading
 Make your own Doodle here

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