Monday, 14 January 2013

I need him more thhan anything ...

From days to days . Yay . I can't even think what'll my day would be without him . He makes me smile and laugh all the time . From hard to the most happy-est things that happened to my daily life . Thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to meet a guy that can make me do the good things . He changed me a lot since we've known each other .

People might say that I'm still a newbie . Fyi , we've been together for about 2 years 9 month :') and yes I'm proud of it . Still holding on and Insyallah you might be invited to my wedding day one day :'p it'll be amazing to get married to someone who I love and loves me just the way I am :)

This April , we'll be celebrting our 3rd year together . No fancy dinner , no movie day , no hanging out . Just a hang on the phone :') yeah .. sounds like its not fun at all . But what can we do ? We live so far apart x') and we take it as a test of our relationship .

Bee , thanks for being my superman . Nobody in this world can replace your place . You're a gift . A gift from .... hehe mengarut macam ap jeh miraa ni x') ngee just happy sangat3 malam ni .. tadi cakap ngan dia kat enpon rasa nak nangis ja . Rinduuuu sngat . Now nak tunggu dia pulang umah :') boleh lg cll . Weee~ miraa b'doa yg takde org lain nak ambil dia dr miraa mcm org sblm2 ni yg miraa kenal . Syg , jgn berubah hati ea x')

# jiwang nyaaa



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