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Assalamualaikum . Hi guys ! So recently was Hari Raya Aidilfitri and I was celebrating it with my beloved family. Well , of course here in Sabah . First of all I would like to say Alhamdulillah because I'm still breathing today with my mom , dad and of course my two annoying brothers . Haha . Although some parts of the day today sound creepy and a lil bit "banana" , I still manage to type a new entry today. *Applause*. People keep asking "when will you return to Poli?" , "Ouh, you're still here?" , "Hey? I thought you're in Poli now. What happen?" . What a question == Well of course I'm celebrating my extra holiday . Haha . Actually , I added it by my own . Well you see , most of our lecturers are still in their holiday and already did the replacement class . On Monday and Tuesday , there'll be no class . Wednesday, which is yesterday we have Programming Principles . Thursday we have , let me see now ... Oh! Mathematics and Communicative English and Friday we have once again , the Programming Principle . So , it's not a big deal right ? Hehehe . I used my 4 hours for Mathematics and also 4 hours for Programming Principles . Haha . *Or is it?*
So all of these week I was spending my time with my family at our .... home? Ngahaha. We can't actually go out too long cause my dad ... Well you know :') heeeee but I'm so blessed that my dad is getting better now . So on my first arrival we went shopping @MegaLong, Penampang . Then the next day we take a rest . The first Raya we went to Kg. Pimping which is in Membakut to celebrate with my relatives sebelah dad . Meet my aunt , cousin , uncle and also my grandmother ~ The second Raya , open house! Ngoho! This is my first time inviting my school and also poli friends to come over my house . Haha . Even though SOME of them were exhausted and afraid, it was a quite interesting day xD now they know how far is my house from Pekan Papar haha .
Love ... Well I don't know whether I should write it in my blog but ... Who cares? Haha . I know its been ages since I've meet him. This year... I've planned my holiday to go there. Where? "THERE" . So yeah. My mom did AGREED. But, my mom always changes her plan T.T now , I can't ask for more . I can only wait till I get back to Poli and discuss it on the phone . Heheh and did I write about my mom knew about me and him? Oh. I did. hehe. 
Recently , someone text-ed me and said that I shouldn't write much about my relationship with my boyfriend. "Terlalu show off bf dy" hahaha . Is it? Well, I noticed something. People nowadays are more easily get jelly to other's happiness rather than the person who is in the relationship . Ya ya ya . Saya tahu saya dah mengada sangat dan menjengkelkan dengan ayat ni. Tapi kan , makin lama makin banyak komplen yg orang bagi tentang saya dan blog saya . Saya tahu ramai yg masuk blog saya ni *yeke?* dan saya tahu saya mudah menjadi bahan bualan orang tentang itu dan ini . Tapi yang kelakarnya kan , orang yg 'femos' tu korang tak pernah nak boom. Why me? Why must it to be me ? Tapi saya suka teguran tu ;) Teguran secara personal . Bukan sesetengah orang yg tahu dok boom comment orang dengan comment yg boleh menjatuhkan maruah orang . Nasihat tu bukan lah nak mencaci kan kan kan ? Wee . Saya pun manusia biasa yg tak lepas dari kesilapan . Korang kena ingat that blog ni mula nya sekadar suka-suka je ditubuhkan dan memang asal cerita gegegegedik pasal aku ngan dia xD hahaha
So yah. Tomorrow *Friday* I'll be in Kuching again . Still don't have the idea on how to get to Poli . Taxi? Kinda afraid about murdererrr HOHO ! Friends? Idk whether she and he could make it to the airport . Haigoo . Well that's enough for today. *Actually semalam lagi taip* haha nak spend time alone in my room doing nothing and sleep lama-lama wohoo ~ Hopefully my dad akan sihat macam dulu dan UPSR nanti Adi buat yg terbaik dan mom ... well , jadi nak pergi kihil dengan saya haha ~ Mr. Muncet? Hehe kang taip dikata show off lagi , so biar Tuhan je lah tahu ... Hee hope you guys will support me not only in blogging world but also in my reality .. TTFN

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