Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Info's about my free skin/template

Assalamualaikum again to you . wow \o/ its my 7th or tah post kebrape unto one day ni haha . Well just for future //cehh! oraitt ! Lets start our learning about my Skin a.k.a Template . Where ? here you go Simple BlogSkin by Miraa Hussin

How do I put this template to my blog?
Well its easy my dear . What you need to do is just copy all the coding from the template that you like and paste it to your HTML . But remember , donnot tick to expand the gadget ! Save it and you're done.

What will happen to my widget? Can I keep it in my new template ?
Well nothings gonna happen to your widget/gadget . Of course you can keep your widget silly -.- After you clicked SAVE , this thing will appears right ?
If you wanna delete your widget , click that "DELETE WIDGETS" but if you wanna keep you widget in that new template , click that "KEEP WIDGETS" that are boxed in red in this above image . Then you're done .

What can I do if I dislike the new template?
You ask me ? silly -,- remember to backup your template ! Thats what 's important . Well yeah , if you disliked the template , you can change it back . Backup-ing your template is the best way to do before messing with it haha . 

How do I change the header of the template?
Welcome to my blog . haha . It's lame isn't it ? okay , to change it go to your page elements and upload a new header XD what ? Is that so hard ?

Well I guess thats all what I can thinked now . If you're still doubting , don be shy to ask . Btw , don't be so kedekut -.- Leave your comment haha .


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