Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tips on dismissing your blogs load

Yaiks ! If you're asking me what a good blog means, I answered BLOGS THAT ARE SUPERB FAST TO LOAD . HAHA why did I answered like that ? Well hello ? Heavy blog may make me pisted off and sometimes that’s the reason I don’t follow you back :p Here’s a little bit about how you can ringankan your blog .

Images and photos
OMAGGIE ! You’re so damn cute , but hey ! Look ! You’re heavy haha . Try deleting pictures on your sidebar that’s not important . Sometimes bigger images have longer time to load . So It’s boring lol to wait and WTFUU ? Only a cartoon picture ? HAHA

Too many Widget/Gadget
Yaiks ! It was like 2feet long ! WHAT ? Your gadget silly -.- hais . Don’t put too many gadget laa dude . Sometimes it makes people boring if you add that and this -.- Clocks and animations makes it worse . Not all bloggers wanna see the clock pun . Even kat desktop pun ada kan ? :D Try cutting that stuff okay ! swf . Ever heard or seen this format ? Of course you do . Most of blogs gadget use that and I tell you bahaha . That makes your blogs heavier ! Chop chop ! Out they go :p

Everybody post their entry right ? Here’s a tips . If you’re making long entries , make a read more button so you can make it looked like a short story . Doesn’t know how ? Click here or here to learn about read more . Make readers suspen about the story so they wanting to read your silly story :p Another way ? Okay , try hiding your other post so it’s more fast to load your pages .

//psst ! need a tools for this problem ? Click here for the lazy load jQuery coding .


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