Sunday, 6 November 2011

Been Too Long

Another day dawns bright and blue,
Another day where I'm just missing you!
I look around not seeing anymore,
Coz to see you is what my heart longs for!

It's been a while since things were fine,
It's been a while since you were mine!
It's been a while, when even a moment is too long,
It's been too long since things are so wrong!

There is nothing I can do but wait,
Oh! But I hope it's not getting too late!
Every dawn is another day without you,
Every day a struggle to get thru!

Only loneliness and solitude await me,
And I often wonder if this you can see!
It's getting harder and harder by the day,
To really believe you want me out of your way!

Your silence confirms my worst fears,
And if it's true, then amidst tears,
I'll force myself to say goodbye friend...
Though I'll always be there till the end.


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