Wednesday, 21 November 2012

i-Phone 4 murah ! 9 hari lagi sebelum tamat !

Currently got in this pretty i-Phone 4 clone . Its not original so that's why its cheap . Manufactured in China . Brand new phone . We only sell new not secondhand . Heat sensor touch screen . Built in 32GB internal memory got in black color only . Pay today post tomorrow . For video review check out this  . 680px camera . Got front and back camera . No apps store or market . Ready in games . 
This is how you install the SIM card in . Single sim only . Looks like original one right ?
This is what you'll see when you want to call somebody .
How the message is displayed :)
Home interface

It is in good condition . So far I've been using it for almost 2 years . Tak cepat rosak . Senang nak message senang nak taip . Game pun dah ada sedia . Sound okay . Kekurangan hp ni tu laa , takde apps like facebook , tweet , intgram , dan sebagainya . Overall body sume macam original dan tak perlu nak risau kalau nak cari casing . Memang fit dengan casing . Heh want it ? Text me at 014-202-6589 . Bye