Monday, 31 December 2012

Miraa Hussin's blog partnership search

Hello hello . I bought this Samsung Galaxy S3 clone using my own money . Interesting enough ? Im finding business partner for my blog shop . 

What you need to know ;
1. I don't post the item . Supplier post it.
2. No refund for any item in MHB once been payed.
3. All payment must be transferred to my banking account which is MAYBANK and BSN
4. Profit will be divided equally at the end of month.
5. You need to have WhatsApp account so we can chat every time there's a new order.
6. You'll be the second admin to MHB page .
7. No cheating . No stealing . And when you do that we'll make a police report . Dare ?
8. Targeted to those who are in the waiting line *mereka yg tamat SPM* sebab ada masa utk bkk dan monitor mhb .
9. Tidak ada kena mengena dengan mana-mana syarikat mahupun blogshop dan online shop yg lain

How to apply ;
1. Simply text me at 017-817-4610 via WhatsApp .
2. Give in your ; Full name , IC number , HP number , Address and Email .

I'll inform you via email if you're picked . Thank you .


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