Friday, 6 November 2015


It might be a little bit too late to update but yes. Yesterday was our first paper exam. Then today will be our last paper. Its kinda funny tho 😂 Cause first and then last. Selalunya time yespiyem punya lah paper dia tu banyak hahahahaha. But then again I'm pretty happy for my paper yesterday. Kononnya lah. Tak tahu apa lagi result nanti. 

So Idk why I suddenly blogged this. But good luck to all exam-ers haha. I know my polimates might already finished their paper and good luck to all SPM candidates. Well once again idk why I suddenly blogged about this. Haha. I miss blogging maybe. But. Meh..Too busy doing something else. Mehehe. Ttfn.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

2015. Hi?


Woa its been a while since I've post anything on my blog. 
Really went hiatus for a long time :'( Huu..
But, hey! I'm here. I'm back. (Not exactly)

Just thinking about starting to blog again. But selalu sangat ada halangan.
Maybe blogging is no more fun for me since terjebak dalam COC haha xD

 Whats going on? 
Well for those who followed up my Instagram or WeChat maybe get the updates that I posted everyday. Now I'm a trainee at SSTC for Culinary Arts :p CULINARY?! HAHA yeah that is so not like me right >.< But dah rezeki dapat masuk untuk batch 16. Will tell ya lots of it later.

I'm still with my online shop. From personal I managed to move all my shop photos to new account which is @miraahussinsshop . Yeah. Still with those fake braces ^_^ I also created new account for my doodle and blog edit thingy to @miraahussinsblog 

Terlalu banyak sebenarnya yg nak ditaip tapi malangnya dah pukul 12 malam. Esok pula kena pulang ke rumah sewa :'D Next Monday will be my first class as a "culinarian" >w< hahaha feeling exited actually. Weee. So.. Good night bloggers... (Kalau masih ada yg follow aku lah haha)