Friday, 17 February 2017

Hectic year end and new year


Tak perasan dah masuk tahun baru tapi blog tiada entry baru. Been busy since forever. Banyak benda yg tak settle dan bila dah settle, ada lagi new task. HAHAHA. Macam robot doe. So here's a short re-cap on what happen for these few months..

2016 November 6th - Flown to JHB with ma bros
So here I'am studying how to be rich HAHA. Ndak bah.

2016 December 3rd - Off day to KUL
Mih mih mih mih mih. Jumpa cik tunang & bakal family in law

2016 December 14th - Mum goes to JHB and we're off to KUL and mom off to BKI
 2017 January
Then idk ... Some thing went wrong and I got depressed.

2017 February 8th - Bae goes to JHB
Selesai je kerja, tunggu bae at ROK. Hujan lebat masa tu. Maka lepak dulu... Sebab wiper tetiba rosak hahahahahaha . Then we're off from Pengerang to JHB. Wehee. Jumpa family in law *bakal* huhuhu 

And then I got this new habit of buying foods from outside instead of cooking. Really bad bad bad habit . HAHAHA
Thats all. I wish that this up coming March will be go well as planned. Hehehe.
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