Saturday, 9 September 2017

Homestay Coming Soon!

Hey everyone.
So for the past few months, our family is definitely into a new type of business.
Currently my aunt's homestay is already operating.
You can check it out from my entry before.

This 16th September 2017...
My mom's homestay will be open.
We'll stay there a day before to experience ourselves.
Will let you know the how(s) in my next update.

So yeah. That's all what I wanted you guys to know for know.
But you can always check on us on our Facebook page or Instagram.
Cause we update there very often. (More like everyday I can say haha)

Facebook: My Nurul HomestayInstagram: @MyNurulHomestay

Didn't blog too much for few years.
I know. Cause I really don't know what to write.

Oh. If you notice, I've change my blog layout.
Hehe. Feeling old yet? Lol.
Okay bye guys. See you soon.


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